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Thinking Forward

An open letter about Thinking Forward and what it means for our clients, employees and community. By Datatpath Cofounders David Darmstandler and James Bates.

The Power of Thinking Forward

When we started Datapath ten years ago, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t succumb to the “fix-it-when-it-breaks” service model that plagues our industry. We reimagined the role of the IT provider and committed to delivering measurable long-term value to our clients.

We called our new philosophy Thinking Forward. And at two-words long, we joke that it’s the world’s shortest mission statement.

But what’s it mean? Thinking Forward is an uncompromising promise to do whats right today to create better outcomes tomorrow. It’s not always easy but it’s the secret to our success.

A pledge to our clients:

We promise to deliver technologies and services that are aligned with your organization’s long-term operational objectives. We don’t push products, obscure pricing or siphon resources by maintaining equipment that should be replaced. We listen carefully to your needs and respond accordingly.

We promise to make the right decision instead of the comfortable decision, even if we have to learn under pressure or admit we don’t have all the answers. Progress can be messy and we aren’t afraid to get dirty if it means providing the right solution for your organization.

And most importantly, we promise to always tell the truth, even when the truth is a total bummer. Trust is the foundation of any long-term business relationship and we look forward to earning yours.

The proof is in the pudding.

Thinking Forward works. We now have longstanding relationships with some of the Central Valley’s largest institutions and continue to grow by nearly 50% per year.

But Thinking Forward isn’t just for clients. We apply the same principle to our relationships with our employees and community.

A pledge to our employees:

Datapath is a family. We make inappropriate jokes, play Ping-Pong and grab beers after work. We love our not-so-serious corporate culture because it makes work feel like home.

But family is more than a feeling. Thinking Forward is committing to our employees’ long-term success, so they can grow with our organization and reach their maximum potential. We invest heavily in training (online, onsite and off site) and subsidize those that want to go back to school. We provide living wages and generous benefits. We accommodate life’s challenges with time-off and flexible hours.

Once again, Thinking Forward works. Datapath employees stay for an average of 5 years, twice the industry standard. And we’re proud that over 60% of our management team worked up from entry-level positions.

A pledge to our community:

Economists are predicting that Sacramento and many other Central Valley communities will enjoy growth rates exceeding the statewide average over the next four years. We’re proud that Datapath can contribute to this surge by providing high-quality jobs to Central Valley residents.

But Thinking Forward means doing more. We must tackle persistent social problems and strive to leave no member of our community behind.

In 2014, we raised over $30,000 for local community-based non-profits. And we back up our financial contributions with technology assistance, fundraising assistance and help with lobbying. Our efforts are currently focused on the issues of homelessness, adult literacy and at-risk-youth in the Central Valley region. You can learn more about these efforts on our community page.

An invitation to you, the reader:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Datapath and our philosophy.

Thinking Forward means listening and gathering feedback. Whether you’re a potential client, prospective employee, or curious member of our community, you can reach us by email or on our direct lines listed below.






David Darmstandler: david@mydatapath.com or (209) 312-9804.

James Bates: james@mydatapath.com or (209) 312-9805.