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ShoreTel Connect changes how companies communicate with a next-gen collaboration experience that lets your team focus on growing your business—not on getting the technology to work.

Finally there’s a business communications system that works as hard and as fast as you do. ShoreTel Connect is a remarkable innovation in IP telephony and unified communication (UC). It’s one platform and one user experience, delivered two ways (as a service or as a product), with three deployment options: from the cloud, managed on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

One Platform

The first of its kind, the ShoreTel Connect business communications platform is built on a single software code base, so you can design your phone system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage within your IT department, or as a hybrid deployment where some locations and applications are managed in the cloud and others are managed onsite.

You decide when and if and how to go to the cloud. Because it’s one platform, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow. The investments you’ve made are protected. System management is always streamlined and simple. Account administration is always click-button easy.



• Exceptional user experience
• Easy to deploy, use and manage
• Highly flexible
• Reliable and secure
• Highest value for your

The ShoreTel Connect PLATFORM
unites VoIP, UC, mobility, and both
cloud and onsite deployments


One User Experience

And here’s the kicker. While ShoreTel Connect is certainly a huge advance for IT, it also provides a simple, natural way for employees, partners and customers to engage and communicate whether they are remote or in the office. ShoreTel Connect saves time, and takes the frustration out of engaging so people can focus on getting their work done and their ideas heard. And when integrated into other business applications, ShoreTel Connect makes it easier to gain insights, be more productive and grow the business.

Work the way you want to work. ShoreTel Connect personalizes your experience by letting you use one app for everything: IM, calls, conferences, video, web sharing and online meetings. Take ShoreTel Connect with you everywhere with the mobility app. Share the ShoreTel Connect experience with others via the Connect web collaboration app, which opens automatically when they join your online meeting.

The ShoreTel Connect user app integrates seamlessly with ShoreTel Connect Contact Center, an enterprise-grade, multi-modal interaction center that makes it easy to manage both inbound and outbound calls, chats and emails.

Two Delivery Choices

ShoreTel Connect flexibility means that you choose how you want to expense your communications system.

Ready to get out of the business of managing your phone system? ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers fully hosted and managed unified communications via subscription; business phones and communications become a simple operating cost and ShoreTel manages everything for you.

Do you prefer to amortize a capital investment over time? ShoreTel Connect ONSITE offers hardware appliances, virtualized appliances, and product licenses that you own, manage and control on premises.

Three Deployment Options

Pick the easy provisioning, flexibility and scalability of ShoreTel Connect CLOUD. Pick the classic performance and investment benefits of ShoreTel Connect ONSITE. Or—choose both.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines the best features of both models for groundbreaking performance. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Apps lets you add select CLOUD services incrementally to your ONSITE deployment via subscription. Connect HYBRID Sites integrates mixed locations, so you can deploy CLOUD where you need cloud, ONSITE where you need onsite, and manage your single operation easily.

Say “Hello!” to ShoreTel Connect:

• Makes business communications as easy to use as consumer apps
• Communicate the way you want, when and where you want
• Collaborate as easily with groups outside your company as with those inside
• No plug-ins, complicated set-ups, passcodes, or multiple application windows needed—it just works!

Say “Goodbye” to:

• 20-minute meetings with 30-minute set-up times
• Long dial-in and PIN numbers impossible to remember
• Emailing the big presentation when you can’t get your screen to share
• Feeling frustrated and looking foolish!