Predictable expenditures, rock-solid reliability and world-class support. That’s the Datapath way. Explore the infographic below to learn about our proven process for rolling out solutions and keeping you humming for years to come.


Datapath is the full-service technology provider you’ve been looking for. We can handle major and minor infrastructure upgrades (New IT Solutions) and provide world-class monitoring, maintenance and support (Managed Service). Most clients use a mix of these offerings to achieve their immediate and long-term technology goals. Please explore this Infographic to learn more about our service offerings and methodology.


Is it time to upgrade or replace your aging technology infrastructure? Datapath can handle your large or small IT projects. Whether you’re rolling out new workstations to thousands of users, installing a new projector in your conference room, or making the switch to cloud services, Datapath can design and deliver a solution that meets your needs. Communication is the key to any successful project so we define clear goals and continually communicate with your stake holders so your organization is informed and prepared throughout the entire process.

Technology Review & Requiements

We can’t deliver mind-blowingly awesome technology if we don’t understand what you have and where you want to go. That’s why we start with a technology review or audit to assess the status of your current hardware, software and services. Then we build a requirements matrix to inventory your must-have and nice-to-have features. This ensures that the solution we propose leverages your previous IT investments and meets the needs of your organization moving forward.

Design New Solutions

We are constantly studying industry changes and exploring new product offerings to help you decide which tools, services and technologies will yield the greatest benefits. We propose new infrastructure or upgrades based on your existing infrastructure, your project budget, the current needs of your organization, and your expectations for future expansion.

Procure & Deploy New Technology

Once you approve the project, Datapath procures the equipment, performs on-site installation, customizes the implementation and trains your personnel. We use transparent project management tools and empower every technician to work directly with your stakeholders. This ensures your team is informed, prepared and engaged during the migration process, with little to no downtime and no loss in data or functionality.


Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and unpredictable expenditures. Datapath’s Managed Service programs provide comprehensive monitoring, maintenance and support services for one low monthly fee. Your users will enjoy reliable infrastructure and world-class technical support while you slash risk and free up internal resources.

Remote Monitoring & Management

We’ve got your back 24/7/365. Datapath’s Managed Service programs include real-time remote monitoring and management so we can take care of your network and infrastructure without bothering your users. Routine issues are automatically detected and resolved. Software is quietly cleaned and patched. And if you experience a more serious problem like a hardware failure, security breach or virus, our technicians will swoop in and fix the problem on-site or via remote-access.

Remote & On-Site Maintenance

Some technology failures are unforeseeable. Most aren’t. Deferred maintenance causes minor issues to snowball into catastrophic failures, resulting in costly downtime and possible loss of data. A Managed Service program keeps your hardware, applications and data in tip-top shape. Datapath will proactively test, service and upgrade your infrastructure to keep it protected from intrusions, conflicts and wear.

Support & Helpdesk

Your administrators and users depend on timely access to knowledgeable technicians. All Managed Service programs include comprehensive phone and email support during business hours and emergency service for nights and weekends. Most importantly, when you contact Datapath, you know you’re talking to an experienced technician, based in our Modesto office, that thoroughly understands your technology and business needs.