Greater California

Datapath works with clients across California. Sometimes the right partner is worth the drive.

Datapath takes the headache out of managing IT.

I joined DiMare in 2010. I’ll admit I was skeptical when I discovered that all of the company’s IT services were managed by an outside vendor. It seemed unlikely that Datapath (or anyone else for that matter) would be able to match the performance of a dedicated IT Department.

Four years later, I can report that Datapath has exceeded my expectations by every measure.

When we run into problems, someone simply rings Datapath and gets the issue sorted out immediately. Datapath’s Helpdesk is fast, friendly and competent.

But more importantly, Datapath helps us stay on the cutting edge of agriculture technology. They helped us prepare a long-term technology plan and assisted with several major technology rollouts, including installation of a specialized ERP software and deployment of iPads for real-time tracking of produce in our warehouses.

I recommend Datapath because it’s a smart use of your money. I haven’t found a problem they can’t handle and handle well.

The DiMare family of companies provide fresh produce to millions of Americans across the United States. Operations include the growing, harvesting, warehousing, processing and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables.

L. Klein
Indio, California