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Move to the cloud seamlessly, on time and on budget.

Planning for a migration of some  or all of your technology to reside in the cloud is a big undertaking. Moving to the cloud can give you the advantages of redundancy, scalability, flexible cost, and reduce the need for large capital IT projects.

Datapath is a trusted partner in helping organizations evaluate the options that are available for moving technology to both private and public cloud environments and can help you weigh the financial and technical implications of a cloud initiative.

Datapath has the business experience and technical professionals to help you evaluate what you currently have, and what would make sense to migrate to a cloud environment. We work closely with you to formulate a plan to help you mitigate any potential pitfalls in moving to the cloud and reduce downtime in the migration process.

Datapath also has standardized processes that allow you to test out the cloud, immersing you in what is available from the cloud and what is coming. This process helps you determine what value the cloud can bring to your organization and plan for future uses of tools to drive collaboration and connect your team members regardless of their location.



Access Your Environment for Cloud Readiness

We work with you to determine if your organization is ready to move portions of your technology or all of your technology to the cloud. In this process we will help you determine upgrades that may be required to ensure a positive cloud experience once the migration is complete.

Weighing the Options

Datapath has the business aptitude and technical expertise to help you look at the options available for moving to a public and private cloud versus your owning your technology. We look at the financial implications, level of control required, and the tools your organization utilizes to ensure the cloud is the right move for you and your team.

Try Before You Buy

Datapath has the direct partnerships with organizations like Microsoft and other cloud providers that gives you a first-hand experience using their products before moving forward with a decision. We have a process for helping you get immersed in cloud products and using them in a test environment with your team to get a vision for how the cloud can help positively impact your organization.


Datapath is unique in our ability to give you the security experts you need to understand the risks of moving to a cloud environment. Our team can evaluate your particular needs to protect your data and make sure you have the ultimate control and insight to what is happening with your data in the cloud.


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