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One of the advantages of emerging cloud technologies is your ability to run your entire business within a cloud infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows your organization to limit the amount of hardware products you need on premise and reduce the capital investment normally required for technology.

Infrastructure as a Service creates your own private network environment using public cloud services. Depending on your needs as an organization, IaaS can allow you to scale quickly, create the same experience for users regardless of their physical location, and give you the redundancy of cloud technologies that would otherwise require large up-front investments if you were to attempt on your own.

With the click of a button, users can be working with your cloud IaaS environment accessing whatever they need from wherever they’re working. Depending on the applications you use, users can also have a good working experience from mobile devices – which can help your team to be more efficient regardless of their device or location.

As with any technology, there are downsides to IaaS as well and it’s important to have a partner like Datapath to help you vet out whether IaaS is the right choice for your organization. Datapath has the experience of designing, implementing and supporting IaaS environments and can help you start the planning process to move some or all of your environment to the cloud.


Top Features

Standardized Experience

IaaS allows for your users to have a standardized experience regardless of their location or device.

Backed by the Cloud

Your technology will be running on top of complex public cloud environments in your own private network. This allows for high levels of redundancy and failover that would be expensive and difficult to achieve on your own.

Reduction in Capital Investment

Creating an IaaS environment allows you to reduce your need for on premise hardware, and, in-turn, reduces the amount of financial investment you require in hardware.


Managing your technology utilizing the cloud allows you to be highly scalable. If you’re a growing organization, this will allow you to add resources easily and as often as you need.

Pay for What You Use

An advantage to utilizing IaaS is that your cost is determined based on use. If you reduce down usage, then you will see a reflection in what you pay.


The flexibility of the cloud allows you to utilize a variety of devices for the things you use every day for work. The solutions available for IaaS environments, allow you to utilize standard user devices such as desktops and laptops but also mobile phones and tablets as well.


Benefits of IaaS

Datapath Helps You Plan, Migrate and Support Your IaaS

Moving your environment to the cloud is complex. Datapath helps you think through what portions of your technology are strong candidates for moving to an IaaS environment. Our team will help you develop the roadmap to make this transition and manage the implementation and support of your cloud technologies.

Direct Partnership with Cloud Providers

Datapath has built direct relationships with cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure. This level of partnership gives us the ability to bring these providers into the discussions with you as you’re evaluating cloud as an option for your organization. In addition, these direct relationships allows us to utilize incentives for transitioning to the cloud on your behalf.

We Test Your Backups

Just getting a report that shows a backup is complete, does not mean the job is done. Datapath takes the extra step of actually testing inh6idual files and ensuring the data being backed up is actually useable in the event of a restore.


Datapath is unique in our ability to give you the security experts you need to understand the risks of working with your data and storing your information in the cloud. Our team has the ability to customize your environment to be monitored for security breaches and to monitor how your data is being accessed in the cloud.


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