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Choosing the cloud service that is best for your organization is no easy task and partnering with the right company to help you ensure the transition to cloud goes smoothly is the most important part of this process.

Datapath has the experience, technical experts and business acumen to help you properly plan out and implement a successful migration to Office 365.

Datapath is partnered closely with Microsoft to ensure you are properly immersed in what is available and what is coming in the future for Office 365.  Our partnership with Microsoft gives you a direct relationship with Microsoft resources for proper planning and immersion of the Office 365 experience.


How It Works

Our process of having you test drive what’s available from Office 365 gives you the best perspective of what makes sense for your organization.  During this process you will see the capability to easily scale from a handful of users to thousands of users in multiple locations.




Datapath has the experience of planning and migrating large, complex organizations to the public cloud.

A Direct Relationship with Microsoft

Datapath has the certified experts that open up a direct relationship with Microsoft for proper planning and give you the opportunity to experience the products first hand during the migration process.

Deep Bench

Datapath has a deep bench of technical expertise and experience to ensure your organization takes into account and avoid all of the potential hazards of a transition to the cloud.

Security First

Datapath is unique in its ability to apply best security practices to transitioning to the public cloud. We have a network security h6ision and our security experts can help in ensuring your company puts security first during your transition and use of Office 365.

Immersion Experience

As a direct partner with Microsoft, Datapath has the ability to bring the experience of Office 365 directly to you and your team. We can come to your office and setup a mock environment for you to experience the tools first hand and start the planning process for which tools will bring you the most value.


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