Disaster Recovery Audit

Comprehensive assessment, planning and instructions
for disaster and incident recovery.

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What is a Disaster Recovery Audit?

A Disaster Recovery Audit is a review of the organization’s information systems, procedures and management. The evaluation of this information determines if the existing DR plan is protecting assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating in line with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Disaster Recovery Audits focus on determining risks that are relevant to technology assets and aligning procedure to reduce or mitigate these risks. By implementing process, the impact of risks can be minimized, but process, no matter how comprehensive, cannot eliminate all risks.

The key to successful disaster recovery is to have a plan well before disaster ever strikes. Auditing the plan ensures that it addresses people, process and technology issues so the plan is likely to work in the face of a real emergency.


Why Datapath for a Disaster Recovery Audit?

• We’re Disaster Recovery Audit Specialists
• We will Identify Key Areas of Prominent Risk
• Receive Recommendations for Solidifying DR Plans


Key Benefits

Audit results can identify areas of the disaster recovery program that are incomplete, lack suitable procedures, lack suitable documentation, are untested, and not up to date. Satisfying the audit findings will ensure that the disaster recovery program, are up to date and capable of fulfilling the organization’s business objectives. The organization will thus be better prepared to respond to unplanned incidents and should be able to mitigate the severity and long-term impact of the incident.


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