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Most companies delay migrating email accounts for as long as possible, and it’s easy to see why. With communication being such a core component to business, the risks can be overwhelming. Email migration is a difficult process full of potential headaches, pitfalls, and security issues.

When you’re researching email migration services, you must consider the complexities of the process and whether or not your company’s current hardware can facilitate the new system’s requirements. There’s also the risk of data loss to take into account, as well as the training and support of employees on the new system.

Whatever stage you’re currently at in the process, Datapath’s team of experts can assist. We have successfully fulfilled hundreds of email migration requests for companies of all sizes. Our streamlined email migration solutions are also supported by full training to ensure your whole team is updated on the new system and satisfied with the results.


Migration Options

Hybrid Email Migration

A hybrid migration creates user accounts and copies content to Office 365. It also provides a unified shared address book, calendar sharing and the opportunity to move some Office 365 email users back to the local Exchange server again.

Staged Email Migration

In a staged email migration, mailboxes in your on-premises Exchange organization are migrated to Exchange Online in batches.

Cut-over Email Migration

In a cutover email migration, all mailboxes in your on-premises organization are migrated to Exchange Online in a single migration batch. Global mail contacts and distribution groups are also migrated


Why work with Datapath

We take no risks, do not interrupt users, and deliver a scalable email migration solution. Understanding the evaluation, configuration, and budget challenges unique to every implementation, we provide:

• Organizational considerations
• Resource planning
• Data footprint and solution selection
• Pilot testing and integration
• Implementation and training


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