Comprehensive capacity planning, implementation and
server management.

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Modernize storage infrastructures, ensure end-to-end data protection and meet your data services goals.

Improve the efficiency and reduce the complexity of your storage and data environment while at the same time optimizing your existing systems. Datapath storage consultants analyze and design storage systems to improve effectiveness, reduce costs, and apply scalability to meet business needs, while keeping it all safe.

We assess your workload infrastructure footprint to create a baseline of your current state and model future options. We provide a total cost of ownership analysis, and capability analysis will help you chart your path to realize your data profile and potential for data analytics.

Our experts and partners can manage implementation, migration, and other professional projects for your storage infrastructure, including deploying new technology, optimizing IT performance, simplifying operations, addressing privacy risks, and more.


Storage Consulting Services

Storage Modernization

Craft a new data environment supporting the business, designed to scale as business needs demand, predictable or not; and an infrastructure that is always available and ready to support a data-driven organization. Leverage new storage paradigms such as storage-as-a-service, software-defined storage, cloud storage, and a content-rich data lake. We help you to consolidate multiple legacy storage systems onto a smaller, federated, and flexible new storage architectures. Our approach combines designing an open standards-based platform that allows you to perform search and deep analysis from a single interface with an understanding of how to address workloads types.

Data Migration

Complexity exists in migrating data to a new environment. Unnecessary costs associated with migrating data, unplanned downtime and outages, and project scope drift. We plan, execute, and remediate the movement of your data from source systems by standardizing complete, streamlined, and accurate data migration solutions, leveraging the knowledge from previous data migrations, creating flexibility in balancing the right roles and responsibilities, and tuning relevant project scoping parameters.

Continuity and Protection

Old rules of backup and recovery have become obsolete in the face of explosive growth in information volume and different types of data. We’ll work with your teams to ensure an end-to-end strategy is in place, implemented and tested; ensuring that any impact to your business drives immediate recovery. We’ll perform a deep-h6e assessment, develop a gap analysis, outline specific backup issues, and develop a picture of the backup environment. With the data landscape understood and cleaned, data-tiering allows vital business data to be moved to an all-flash array while unstructured data can be handled with object storage solutions. Relevant data can be archived for compliance and regulatory needs.


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