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Protect all your data from cybercriminals, natural disasters, hardware failures and more.

It’s difficult to put a dollar amount on the value of your data. It’s really only known when something goes wrong, and you need to restore from your backups and the data is not there. The domino affect creates a stop in business or a loss of important data that impacts your business in the short or even long-term.

The point is not to bring up a sore subject or cause fear, but to identify in these cases of data loss the situation could have been avoided with the proper plan, implemented solution, and a team of experts managing your backups on a daily basis.

Datapath’s team of backup and disaster recovery experts are focused on helping you assess your current backup needs and tailor a solution that gives you the reliable protection of your data. Our solution includes ensuring an offsite copy of your data in the cloud, which allows for flexibility of restoration of your files and applications and even continuing business from the cloud in critical situations.


How It Works

Backups are managed on a daily basis by Datapath and we verify your data is safe. Datapath utilizes technologies that allow a copy of your data to be sent offsite to the Microsoft Azure Cloud as well as a cadence of fire testing to restore random files as a test to verify the data within the backups are usable in the case of an actual need to restore.

All backup solutions are verified by Datapath Security 360 security engineers and we utilize the highest level of encryption during the transfer of your data to and from the cloud.



Files are copied to a backup storage device.

Cloud Backups
Sends a copy of the data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server.

Physical and virtual backups sent off-site to a hosted cloud repository through a secure SSL connection.

Disaster Recovery
A complete image of your disk drives and servers are mirrored. The image allows you to restore the system quicker than reinstalling an OS and copying files.

Off-Site Replication
Copies production data to a device at a remote location for data protection or disaster recovery purposes.



Lean on the Experience of Backup and Disaster Recovery Experts

The backup experts at Datapath have designed, implemented and monitor the data protection solutions for thousands of servers. The experience and expertise of the Datapath team is utilized to help develop the best plan for you and your organization and monitor the protection of your data on a daily basis.

Reduction of Capital Investment

At Datapath we’ve developed backup products that don’t require the large capital investment that previous solutions have required. Our products and licensing create extremely efficient backup solutions, and allow for you to count on consistent costs for your backup solution.

We Test Your Backups

Just getting a report that shows a backup is complete, does not mean the job is done. Datapath takes the extra step of actually testing inh6idual files and ensuring the data being backed up is actually useable in the event of a restore.

Cloud Experts

Datapath utilizes the strengths of our cloud experts to ensure your data is on a robust cloud architecture and is prepared of scale or the need of resources for a critical outage.


Datapath is unique in our ability to give you the security experts you need to understand the risks of moving a copy of your data to the cloud. Our team can evaluate your particular needs to protect your data and make sure you have the ultimate control and insight to what is happening with your data in the cloud.


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