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Live help desk technicians to assist end users
with application and device support.

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Keep end users productive and technical issues resolved quickly.

Datapath offers live IT Help Desk support as a core feature in our Support360 service plans. Datapath sets the standard for quality help desk support. Our team manages the requests for large complex, multi-location organizations and handles large volumes of help desk tickets every day. This experience has helped us refine how we deliver our help desk offering and continually improve it year over year.

By leveraging Datapath’s Help Desk services, organizations avoid spending time and resources on training, expensive trouble ticket systems and support costs for PC’s, MAC’s, mobile, email, VoIP and Office Suite application support. Our goal is to help your team leverage technology to be more productive.

Datapath Help Desk provides support in the following:

Application and device support

PCs, mobile devices, and peripherals are the tools of modern business. Even the most reliable tools require maintenance. Datapath Help Desk services ensure your end-user equipment is operating properly, including:

• Patch Management
• Network Connectivity
• Printing
• Device Upgrades


Remote & On-Site Support

Thanks to our live online support technology, our certified technicians are able to see exactly what is happening on a user’s computer screen and even take control of the computer when simple instructions are not sufficient enough to troubleshoot the problem. As a result, the Help Desk consultants at Datapath can resolve most desktop PC problems as if they were standing right beside you. All that is required is a phone and Internet connection.

If we cannot solve your issues remotely, we will schedule and deploy one of our certified field technicians to help you.


Why use Datapath Help Desk?

You need a reliable help desk, and we’re confident we can meet your needs. Our help desk solutions allow your organization to benefit from the high-level expertise of our certified technical staff – without having to worry about recruiting, training & certification costs, and other related processes.

For End Users:

Easily Request Support

Submit a support request by phone, email, chat or web submission.

Attach Files

Attach files, screenshots or notes to aid the Help Desk technician.

For Decision Makers:

Easily Manage Support Requests

Access open and closed tickets through a simple interface.


If certain tickets require approval, a notification will be sent to the specified approver. Only after approval is granted, will the ticket reach the Datapath Help Desk.

Support that Knows Your Name

One of our core values at Datapath is, “People Matter Most.” As your users utilize our help desk services, they will realize that we live out this core value. Our team gets to know your users on a first name basis and works to build a level of trust beyond just fixing technical issues.

We Monitor Success Closely

Datapath utilizes the best tools in the industry to ensure every help desk request is monitored closely. Metrics are monitored closely to ensure we’re delivery on our promise of prompt response and resolution to requests.

Measured and Proven User Experience

With each help desk support request, we utilize a system to measure how that user evaluates the quality of their support experience. We pride ourselves in the response from users, and average 97-98% customer satisfaction.


Datapath is one of the only managed service providers investing heavily in IT automation. Our automation team is separate from our support team and works to actively prevent issues before they become a support request. This team also is monitoring recurring issues and working to avoid these issues from happening again in the future

The Best Tools Make for Consistent Support

Datapath gives our technical teams best-in-class tools to monitor your environments, perform proactive tasks to avoid user interruption, and monitor the health of each device inh6idually. These tools also allow our engineers to connect quickly to your users regardless of their location.

A Quick Path to Escalation and Specialists

One of the key strengths is the size of our team at Datapath and the depth of our technical help. The team that manages helpdesk requests has a series of defined levels of expertise, escalation teams, and specialists. These specialists are part of the escalation process as more complex helpdesk requests are identified and need a greater level of expertise to resolve.


Datapath is rare in the ability to offer security services along with Helpdesk services. This advantage helps us identify issues early on affecting a single user that could potentially impact your entire technology environment.


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