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Gain control of your mobile inventory with the ability to provision and track devices.

Mobile devices and applications are critical to your organization’s success. This creates a range of challenges. You need to manage security, compliance, devices as well as human capital and costs. You’re defining policies to regulate the use of personal devices for work. But you also need the tools to enforce these policies, monitor and regulate behaviors, contain costs and manage risk across all device platforms.

Organizations should monitor vulnerability announcements and security incidents involving mobile devices and respond with policy updates. Ignoring mobile device management (MDM) may increase your risk of security threats, losing information, and even losing market share.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, many companies are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs or a hybrid approach that allows employees to use a combination of corporate and personal devices. But securing employee-owned devices and supporting different mobile platforms can create complex issues for IT departments. With Datapath’s comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, companies can trust us to manage an effective mobile strategy for them.


How It Works

Our MDM solutions bring together a complex set of functionalities, across a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems, that cover:

Policy Enforcement: across devices, application and expense management platforms

Security and Compliance: protecting corporate data on a device and meeting regulatory requirements

Containerization: separating corporate data and applications from private content on a device

Inventory Management: provisioning, controlling and tracking devices connected to corporate applications and data

Software Distribution: distributing applications and software upgrades to mobile users remotely
network service management: monitoring and optimizing mobility deployment costs



Our mobile device management (MDM) services offer the following advantages:

• Gain control of your mobile inventory with the ability to provision and track devices.

• Enforce governance and compliance and protect the organization from corporate data loss.

• Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of support for mobile users.

• Deliver secure access to business resources through extended IT security policies and the ability to prevent unauthorized devices or usage.

• Improve control of BYOD initiatives and gain the ability to configure device settings and policies that separate corporate data from private content.

• Automate IT processes and workflows and reduce the costs associated with device enrollment, software upgrades and application distribution.

• Increase the visibility of mobile assets, costs, exceptions and threat.


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