Our New Brand

The New Datapath Brand

We’ve changed our look on the outside to reflect the progress we’ve made on the inside. Now, we’re taking the next step in our journey to create the refreshed Datapath brand. In the coming weeks, you will experience a refreshed look to our website, social media channels, attire for our support technicians and email communications.

Our decision to re-brand was inspired by our intention to re-position ourselves in the market as the leading provider of IT solutions in the Central Valley. Since 2005, we’ve grown as a business and realize the immense need for quality, high-performing technology and services that allows organizations to simplify, strengthen and scale.

We’ve also made an immense investment in cybersecurity technology over the years in order simplify security complexity, keep our customers more secure and be trusted as the leading provider of cybersecurity services in our region.

The Evolution of Our Icon

Inspired by our proud past, our new look symbolizes our passion for progress by incorporating vibrant colors and a symbol that represents our renewed vision statement: “To empower people and organizations to boldly grow.”

Reflecting the forward-thinking spirit that is uniquely Datapath, our new logo – the Forward D Symbol – incorporates a cutting edge, forward movement, the “D,” and a vibrant shade of green. Together, they represent a clean and modern update to the core icon of our company.

No matter where we are, have been or plan to go, technology will always be a part of our journey. As we unveil our new look, you’ll see that our refreshed branding, office interiors, customer communications and advertisements, reflect the leading IT experience we aim to bring you.

What’s Not Changing

Although our logo and colors may look different than years past, what’s staying the same is our commitment to excellence, our service to our great customers and our unrelenting charge to provide leading IT solutions. Also, all forms of contact with Datapath will remain the same. Our web site URL –, office addresses, contact and technical support phone numbers will remain unchanged. Essentially, you will not need to change anything about how you contact or interact with Datapath.

The Beginning of a Great Journey

Our new look marks the beginning of an ongoing transformation that will continue for years to come. From refreshing our website, opening new offices, re-envisioning support request experiences, to the technology and information that will keep you in-the-know, we’re rethinking your experience with Datapath from start to finish. It’s a transformation that we want you to be a part of, so keep track of our progress on, on Facebook and LinkedIn.