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Our Partnership with APC

Focus on business growth instead of business downtime with APC’s data center systems and IT solutions. APC uses its decades of thought leadership and design expertise to develop innovative products that keep your organization up and running with Legendary Reliability™.


APC Solutions Delivered by Datapath


Trusted to protect critical data and equipment from power problems, the UPS supplies clean and reliable network-grade power. In addition to Legendary Reliability and manageability, Smart-UPS and Back-UPS units have extremely high efficiency at low-, medium- and high-load levels, making them ideal for today’s IT environment.

APC NetShelter Racks

NetShelter is APC’s line of next-generation rack enclosures. Influenced by 10 years of customer feedback, it addresses current IT market trends for high-density server and networking applications.

APC Management Tools

Discover our suite of management and monitoring tools designed to collect and manage data about a data center’s assets, resource use and operation status throughout the data center lifecycle. This information is then distributed, integrated and applied in ways that help managers optimize power usage.



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