Network Security Audit

Comprehensive analysis of your network’s vulnerability
to hackers,viruses, and other threats.


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Determine the effectiveness of your network security.

In the wake of today’s ever-increasing compliance awareness, network security auditing is high on the list of data security software tools. A network security audit is a means by which the ongoing level of performance of an organization’s network security can be monitored and it allows for the investigation and pinpointing of chosen trends and specific security incidents.

The Datapath Network Security audit looks at two broad categories of information. The first is the static data, such as system definitions, protocols used, password rules, firewall definitions and the like, whereas the second category of this kind of data security software deals with the activities that have taken place. Access to databases, transfer of files, and when and where users log on are just some of the more common items viewed in the network security audit.


How It Works

Phase I – Footprint Analysis & Information Gathering

Inventory the entire network both physically and virtually. The goal is to achieve a detailed blueprint of the network and a comprehensive security profile. This information serves as the basis for the remaining phases of the assessment.

Phase II – Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Leverage the network blueprint and security profile to “attack” the network from an external posture. The goal in this phase is to penetrate vulnerable aspects of the system in order to acquire sensitive data.

Phase III – Penetration Testing & Assessment

The focus is on attacking the network internally rather than externally. The Datapath Security Team will thoroughly challenge internal defenses because most severe network compromises originate inside the network.

Phase IV – Vulnerability Analysis

Perform in-depth analysis of all the assembled data. The goal is to identify systemic causes and formulate plans to remedy each cause.



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