Next Gen Endpoint Protection

Real time protection against phishing URL’s,
malicious websites and domains.

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A next-gen, cloud-powered endpoint protection solution with an industry-leading Threat Intelligence Platform.

Traditional anti-virus is signature based and not sufficient to keep up with the massive amount of malware variants that are released daily and are present in today’s cyber landscape. Picking up where traditional anti-virus left off, Next Gen Endpoint protection relies on advanced technologies like machine learning and behavioral analysis. Machine learning applies advanced mathematical algorithms and powerful computing capabilities to quickly and efficiently analyze data sets and identify patterns. In cybersecurity, correctly determining patterns helps create accurate predictions and detect behaviors associated with malware or other attacks.


How It Works

The Datapath security team deploys and configures agents on endpoints throughout your network. Endpoints are then monitored through a centralized console for potential malware incidents. The Endpoint protection agent will attempt to automatically remediate any malicious behavior it detects. If the automatic remediation process is unsuccessful the Datapath security team is alerted to take further action.



Deep learning intelligence

Uses a layered approach to global threat intelligence to continually refine and enhance classification accuracy.

Online management

Enables endpoint management anywhere, anytime, online with hierarchical controls and visibility.

Fast deployment & scans

Small endpoint client agent deploys and scans in seconds and is always up-to-date, without bulky updates or definitions.

Multi-vector protection

Protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time.

Zero-hour security

Uses advanced behavioral heuristics to identify and protect against never-before-seen threats.

No reimaging

Uses journaling and rollback features to restore files to their uninfected state, so you don’t have to reimage.


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