Security Lifecycle Assessment

Detailed assessment of applications in use, potential risks
to exposure and specific ways adversaries are attempting
to breach your network.

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Reduce your organization’s risk to exposure.

Assess your organization’s current cybersecurity posture – and minimize exposure to business and security risks. The Security Lifecycle Review risk assessment will show you which SaaS and other applications, URL traffic, content types, and known and unknown threats are currently traversing your network, specifically highlighting where potential risks exist.


How It Works

Find unknown threats with a unique multi-technique approach. Datapath’s Security Lifecycle Assessment goes beyond legacy approaches used to detect unknown threats, bringing together the benefits of four independent techniques for high-fidelity and evasion-resistant discovery, including:

Dynamic analysis

Observes files as they detonate in a custom-build evasion resistant virtual environment, enabling detection of zero-day malware and exploits using hundreds of behavioral characteristics.

Static analysis

Highly effective detection of malware and exploits that attempt to evade dynamic analysis, as well as instantly identifying variants of existing malware.

Machine learning

Extracts thousands of unique features from each file, training a predictive machine learning classifier to identify new malware and exploits not possible with static or dynamic analysis alone.

Bare metal analysis

Evasive threats are automatically sent to a real hardware environment for detonation, entirely removing an adversary’s ability to deploy anti-VM analysis techniques.



Your customized Security Lifecycle Assessment will address:

• Applications in use, and the potential risks to exposure
• Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network
• Comparison data for your organization, versus your industry peers
• Key areas to focus on for reducing your organization’s risk exposure


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