Vulnerability Assessment

Authorized hacking attempts to assess and assure servers,
services, and devices are adequately secured.

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Find the weak points in your environment.

Misconfigurations, open ports, legacy hardware, weak passwords, missing patches and lack of awareness can create security vulnerabilities that make it easy for a cyber-attack to occur.

Of all of the potential vulnerabilities that introduce risk to your organization the largest risk is apathy. When it comes to cybersecurity often apathy comes from not knowing where to start. A great place to start addressing the complex world of cybersecurity is a Vulnerability Assessment.

Datapath offers Vulnerability Assessments to assess risks, find the weak points in your environment, classify them by severity and provide a roadmap for improvement.


How It Works

We use a combination of external and internal network scans to generate a Vulnerability Assessment report. External scans identify vulnerable protocols and open ports on entry points to your network. Internal scans identify vulnerabilities in servers and workstations such as missing patches.

In addition, we run a password test that will identify weak and duplicate passwords in an active directory environment.

By taking preventive measures, you can protect your organization from potential significant loss from downtime, data loss and perhaps your most important asset – your reputation with customers.


Why Choose a Vulnerability Assessment?

• Identify vulnerabilities on network devices, operating systems and endpoints in your network

• Scan for unencrypted sensitive resting data such as credit card and social security numbers

• Check for excessive failed logins and potential brute force activity

• Find weak and duplicate passwords in active directory

• Understand the current state of your cyber security posture


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